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It's been years upon years. But that's okay right? I can consider this a project that I didn't give up, but merely took an extended break from and have finally returned.

In all honesty, I missed Diaryland. I missed my readers and what they had to say about what was happening in my rather mundane life. And so it continues. More ramblings and nonsense, although I doubt anyone is listening these days...

So many things have changed, as one would expect in the last five-plus years. I won't share every little detail now, but I'll be happy to give the new setting an introduction.

I no longer live in Florida, or Michigan. I find myself staring west at the mountains in Denver, CO wondering about the odd series of events, events even related to this diary, that let me to where I am today. Pretty damn neat.

I'm sitting in an apartment, one that isn't my own, but my boyfriend's instead. He's sleeping, and its not even ten pm. I'm watching horrid TV. Okay. No... iTunes...

Ahhh... Grieves. Nice stuff. I'm even wearing my awesome Goodwill Grieves hoodie find. (That's right. Goodwill. 50% off day too. :p )

If you decide to go back and read some of the beginning of this, please keep in mind the dates of the entries you read. Some of these entries date back to nearly 10 years ago. For one young woman here on Earth, that can be a life time.

I am the same person, but with new and fresh ideas, assumptions, preferences, and even self rules. I need to remember the same myself.

Currently, my life is at a changing point. I've yet to fully point my finger to it, but sometime must change. The young naive girl who began this diary would have been disappointed to see my life circumstances as they are. (Mind you, my reading preferences and music choices would satisfy her. :p)

This is my new project. I'd like to share again. I miss you all. I miss words and alone time typing. I miss hearing from you about the silly happenings in your life.... I think my guestbook is a bit ruined. I need a new design too. I'm going to have to put some effort into this. Any help would be magnificently appreciated.

I'm not going to overwhelm just one entry tonight. I'm giving myself plenty to continue with.

And for any of you out there who are hearing a familiar voice, please say hi.

It's been too long friends.

lunaadored at 9:33 p.m.

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